To our alumnae:

We’ve come a long way since a group of young women in 1973 decided that there needed to be a place for internationally-minded women on Georgetown’s campus. DPE has allowed each and every one of us to thrive across a variety of professional and personal interests, but with the united support of women who believe in encouraging and supporting other women in their everyday endeavors. 

Every semester a new group of young women are selected to carry the torch and work toward fulfilling and promoting the goals of our charter. And every year we must let go of a wonderful group of sisters who have worked tirelessly, inspired to become future leaders. DPE’s mission is not simply to serve our active sisters and the Georgetown community, but also to serve and support our alumnae network and to promote women’s empowerment in the world at-large.

Through the various initiatives, events and networking opportunities that the Alumnae Relations Chair organizes, DPE has been, and will continue to be, able to connect members from every corner of the world and share in each other's academic, professional and personal experiences - and we hope that our alumnae feel as strong in their sisterly bond as they did when they first joined the organization. Each alumnae is a valuable part of what we do, and it is important to our organization that each sister, active or graduated, continue to participate in whatever capacity they may.

We thank you for your continued support, participation, and dedication to DPE. And as always, we hope to see you back on the Hilltop soon! 

Cherie Vu

Alumnae Relations Chair


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