IN THE 1950S... 

Several members of the Fraternity began urging that Delta Phi Epsilon be changed from being a fraternity to a society by admitting women (and also men not interested in joining a fraternity). As a compromise, under the leadership of National General Secretary Bro. Gregory Creutz, Al-’21, the National Board of Governors of Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity in 1956 created the Delta Phi Epsilon International Society of Business and Foreign Affairs, with membership open both to men and women. However, the Society never developed because its few female members lacked the strong bonds across generations that the Fraternity had always been able to provide to its brothers.

In the late 1960s, proposals again were made to make the Fraternity coed. The 1972 National Convention even voted to amend the Fraternity’s bi-laws to allow female members. The amendment was never effectuated, though, because it was not adopted by two successive Conventions.

Instead, in the fall of 1972, the Fraternity’s Alpha Chapter at Georgetown University conceived of an entirely new approach: Delta Phi Epsilon would henceforth consist of both a Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity and a Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Sorority and thereby would at last have both brothers and sisters. The brothers in Delta Phi Epsilon, however, would alone be responsible for pledging and initiating all male applicants and do so according to the Fraternity’s own time-honored processes. Correspondingly, the sisters in Delta Phi Epsilon would alone be responsible for pledging and initiating all female applicants and do so according to parallel processes that the Sorority would develop. Once initiated, however, the brothers and sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon would work together in promoting successful professional and social programs.



Since our foundation in 1973, the Alpha Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority has initiated two new lines of sisters each year.

If you have pictures of any missing lines from the 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s, please email dpewebsite@gmail.com.

Charter/First Line – Spring 1973

Second Line – Fall 1973

Third Line – Spring 1974

Fourth Line – Fall 1974

Fifth Line – Spring 1975

Sixth Line – Fall 1975

Seventh Line – Spring 1976

Eighth Line – Fall 1976

Ninth Line – Spring 1977

Tenth Line – Fall 1977

Eleventh Line - Spring 1978

Twelfth Line – Fall 1978

Thirteenth Line – Spring 1979

Fourteenth Line – Fall 1979

Fifteenth Line – Spring 1980

Sixteenth Line – Fall 1980

Seventeenth Line – Spring 1981

Eighteenth Line – Fall 1981

Nineteenth Line – Spring 1981

[From Fall 1982 to Fall 1989 the Sorority was inactive]

Renaissance Line – Spring 1990

Ficus Line – Fall 1990

Shebinian Line – Spring 1991

Athenian Line – Fall 1991/Spring 1992

Sarasvati Line – Fall 1992

Kiowa T’ame Line – Spring 1993

Guanyin Line – Spring 199

Albright Line - Spring 1997

Hypatia Line - 1999

Antigone Line – Fall 1999/Spring 2000

Athena Line – Spring 2000

Isis Line – Fall 2000

Justitia Line – Spring 2001

Venus Line – Fall 2001

Lady Godiva – Spring 2002

Nefertiti Line – Fall 2002

Ostara Line – Spring 2003

Diana Line – Fall 2003

Aurora Line – Spring 2004

Nike Line – Fall 2004

Gloria Line – Spring 2005

Eva Line – Fall 2005

Portia Line – Spring 2006

Iris Line – Fall 2006

Victoria Line – Spring 2007

Cleopatra Line – Fall 2007

Benazir Line – Spring 2008

Queen Rania Line – Fall 2008

Hillary Line – Spring 2009

Audrey Line – Fall 2009

Jeannette Line– Spring 2010

Queen Noor Line – Fall 2010

Aung San Suu Kyi Line – Spring 2011

Grace Kelly Line – Fall 2011

Ellen Line – Spring 2012

Duchess Catherine Line – Fall 2012

Malala Yousafzai Line – Spring 2013

Eleanor Roosevelt Line – Fall 2013

Shirley Temple Black Line – Spring 2014

Amelia Earhart Line – Fall 2014

Emma Watson Line – Spring 2015

Maya Angelou Line – Fall 2015

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Line – Spring 2016

Michelle Obama Line – Fall 2016

Frida Kahlo Line – Spring 2017

Laverne Cox Line – Fall 2017

Toni Morrison Line – Spring 2018

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Line – Fall 2018