from the recruitment team...

Dear Potential New Member,

We are so excited to be serving as your Recruitment Team this semester, and we are thrilled that you are interested in our sorority. We both joined DPE our freshman fall, and it has been our long-time dream to run recruitment as seniors.

Becoming a sister in DPE has honestly been the best decision we made on the Hilltop, and it has completely transformed our Georgetown experience. These girls have truly become our family—they are passionate about the world, leaders on campus who thrive both academically and professionally, the most hardworking and inspirational group of women, and the most genuine support system we could have had. As a graduated alumna described, “I love knowing that at any point if I need something from homework help, to housing, to just someone to hug, I know I have a group of 80 girls to turn to.”

As a professional foreign service sorority, we emphasize interest in international affairs, but that doesn’t mean you have to be in the SFS. We have sisters in all four schools. As long as you love to travel or learn about new cultures and languages, you would be an excellent candidate for DPE, regardless of school or major. DPE combines all of the best aspects of a traditional sorority with professional mentorship, offering the best of both worlds.

We are excited to meet you and to help you integrate into our family on the

We are looking forward to meeting you all at our recruitment events! All the information about dates, locations, and time can be found under the recruitment tab along with the application. Please email us with any questions at

See you soon!

All the best,

Nada Eldaief

Recruitment Chair

Amanda Shepherd

Delta Mom